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1. Noun. A person who has absolute disregard for people's feelings. A person who is incredibly rude or obnoxious often with a bitter disdain towards people and society.

2. Noun. A person who lacks concern for the well-being of others. Someone with contempt for society or people as a whole. One who ignores all social norms and bequeaths doesn't give a fuck in their actions and words.

3. Noun. One with an ill regard for humanity. A disregard for all that is holy, and sacred. A person who lacks couth.
Used in heated discussions or intense commentary about a person.

"Brad's my roommate. And you can't make it right. You offended his family. That's his sister."

"You want to know what. I'm a Betty Ford Fucker, Okay! Now get the fuck out of here with your petty fucking bull-shit."

by Archie Bantog December 29, 2008

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