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The epiqly hawt lead singer and guitarist from the pop-punk band All Time Low. Not only is he a fantastic singer and musician, he is also really hot, attractive, nice, and HILARIOUS. All in all, perfection.

The only bad thing about him is the kind-of ugly tattoo of a skeleton on his forearm. But everyone makes mistakes, so it's forgivable.

Loved by girls everywhere. And some guys, too.
Girl 1: Hey did you hear about Lil' Wayne and -

Girl 2: Lil' Wayne?! Pffft! Alex Gaskarth owns.

Girl 1: Who's that?

Girl 2: Um...the hottest dude alive? *shows Girl 1 a picture*

Girl 1: Dayum he IS hot! But...Lil' Wayne can sing.

Girl 2: Not only can Alex sing REALLY well, he can also play guitar.

Girl 1: Wow! Skills! He's mine!

Girl 2: Girl, you kidding me? He's taken. By me.

Guy 1: Too late. He's mine now.

Girl 1/Girl 2: o_o
by Aquila IlyTequila Shotz August 23, 2009
scene + emo = scenemo

Usually a combination of scene and emo fashion styles and music tastes.

For example, a scenemo individual could dress in dark colors, but still like "scene" music, like obscure electro bands. Or they could dress in bright neon clothes and LOTS of accessories and still like "emo" music, like screamo and metal and such.

Because the two genres are so similar, most people who identify themselves as "scene" or "emo" usually happen to be both. However, true scenemo people enjoy mixing things up in obvious ways. Like wearing a BMTH band tee and bright pink skinnies and one black Converse with one pink Converse and an armful of sex bracelets on your right arm and a skull-and-bones fingerless glove on your left arm, and a scene diamond necklace as well as an MCR guitar pick necklace, and wearing thick black eyeliner with pink mascara and hot pink and green eyeshadow. Or something along those lines.
Scene kid: I know I wear bright colors and stuff, but I think BMTH is totally hot!

Emo kid: Ew, no. You're scene. You're not even wearing anything black. You can't like BMTH. Aren't you supposed to like shit like Millionaires?

Scene kid: Well I guess. But I don't know.

Scenemo kid: Hey, I dress in bright colors, and I like BMTH AND Millionaires! And I'm wearing black Converses and have black nail polish.

Scene kid: Wait...you're not scene. Scene kids don't wear black nail polish.

Emo kid: You're not emo either. Emos don't wear seventy neon sex bracelets on one arm.

Scenemo kid: I'm scenemo. Duh.

Scene kid: AHH RAWR! That's awesome!!

Emo kid: Cool! Now I can admit to the world that YES, I DO like bright colors...a lot!

Scene kid: Black skinnies look hot on me. I know what you mean.


Emo/scene kid: o_o
by Aquila IlyTequila Shotz August 23, 2009
A scene trend. It is a necklace with a large crude, cartoon-like diamond sketch dangling from it (aka a scene diamond). They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Kiki Kannibal sells them in Kiki Kouture, but they can also be bought elsewhere. You can even make them yourself. There are many YouTube videos that instruct one on how to make their own scene diamond necklace.
Scene kid: I spent, like, a TON of money on this scene diamond necklace.

Scene kid 2: Really? I just spent like fifteen dollars.

Scene kid: O-em-gee really? I got mine from Kiki Kouture.

Scene kid 2: Oh, I got it from this other place online.

Scene kid: I didn't know there were other places...

Scene kid 3: Heyy, guys! Like my scene diamond necklace?

Scene kid 1/2: Wow! That's mad pretty! How much? And where did you get it from?

Scene kid 3: o_o I made it myself. I even made a video on YouTube showing how to.

Scene kid 1/2: WOW THAT'S SO RAD!!!!1
by Aquila IlyTequila Shotz September 05, 2009
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