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2 definitions by Aquahutch

1. A great way to look edgy without getting in those awfully scary fights at the Nickelback concert.

2. A suicidal, plane-spotting Mexican midget.
1. This barbwire tattoo around my bicep is so deeply personal that I'm like, the eighth guy on the drywall crew to get one.

2. We all know what Tattoo's fantasy was, and it sure as hell wasn't to stare at Ricardo Montalban's groin for the rest of his days.
by Aquahutch November 03, 2006
The actual definition of a Houdini shit is a turd that contains enough negative buoyancy to drop to the bottom of the toilet and glide it's way down far enough into the toilet's exit portal that it appears to have mysteriously disappeared or make you question whether or not you even crapped to begin with. It often times shares the characteristics of a Jesus Shit, which is the term used for turds that leave no residue on the anus.
Boy, today's Ziggy cartoon was pretty funny. Oh well...I'm done wiping so I guess it's time to stand up, flush and get back to wor- OH MY GOD! HOUDINI SHIT!
by Aquahutch November 01, 2006