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When something is so disgusting, it not only requires a single vommit, it requires a whole vommitting session.
Oliver Jonas Queen: "I'm going to put maple syrup on my eggs"

Perry Mason: "Eggs touching maple syrup? Vom-o-rama"
by Apron Boobs Face July 05, 2010
In a similar fashion to miltary camouflage clothing used by soldiers to blend into their surroundings, Burberry camo is clothing featuring a check or tartan partern somewhat akin to the pattern commonly used by the brand Burberry that enables the wearer to become invisible once inside a Burberry store.
Perry Mason: "Where's Oliver Jonas Queen? He said he'd meet us in the Burberry store"
Holbot: "He must be wearing Burberry camo."
by Apron Boobs Face May 22, 2011

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