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A prime example of how looks can get you anywhere in America. Despite her rat like features, our nation has fallen absolutely head over heels in love with Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is one of the worst singers to ever come out of country music. Her songs were good when she first came out but then they got old, repetitive, and most of them are just stupid with little to no real meaning, other then her bad experience with a boy. I expected a little bit of a different sound in her new album now that shes hit 21, but Taylor Swift is a 8 year old in an 21 year old body. If you hate on Taylor Swift in public you are asking for a death wish because even your best of friends will hate you. Taylor Swift is most famous for being interrupted by Kanye West at the VMAs. She road that gravy train to ultimate stardom and wrote a stupid song about the experience called Innocence.
Jennifer: "I mean yeah maybe Taylor Swift has a good personality, but she's a horrible singer.."

Jennifers best friend: "Don't ever f-ing talk about Taylor Swift like that again, you're obviously jeal..."
#taylor #swift #country #kanye #west
by April Bee December 17, 2010
Olivia Munn is a beautiful 30 year old half Asian from who knows where. She moved to Hollywood in search for fame and landed a job at G4 (AOTS) where she did an interview without a bra on, nevertheless, getting the job. On G4 she played the role of a beautiful video game goddess, when in reality the last thing you would ever see Olivia doing is playing a video game, however, you will most likely see her texting on her Blackberry. The COD cult and Newfags from all over the nation fell in love with the image of a beautiful woman who wouldn't complain about the cheeto stained keyboard and the fact that you spend countless hours wasting your life away on WOW. However, no such woman exist because Olivia Munn was merely riding on the G4 train until something better came along. Olivia Munn has an extremely sarcastic personality, lessing her whore status when she takes extremely over sext/desperate photo shoots. She is currently the new something (who gives a damn) on the top 10 least funniest shows on television, The Daily Show, (Colbert is way better). She is also "acting" in a new television show called Perfect Couples which apparently comes out January 20th. It is official that Olivia Munn has left AOTS, yet they still keep her memorabilia all over the studio, all the while fat 18-35 year olds whine across the blogs and on her website that she attends to once a month, asking her when shes coming back, which inevitably is never.
Sad and obsessive loser: If Olivia Munn doesn't come back to AOTS I'm never watching it again. I've sent Olivia countless number of messages, do you think she'll ever reply????

Normal person: No.
#olivia #munn #g4 #aots #videogames
by April Bee December 17, 2010
Morgan Webb originally got her start on a show called Screen Savors. Unlike her G4 counterparts, Morgan Webb was not a fame seeking whore, but rather a beautiful woman who was generally into her video games. Morgan Webb is now a host, along with Adam Sessler on X-Play. Her sarcastic and different sense of humor add to her unique and unusual but beautiful appearance. You would never hear about Morgan Webb leaving X-Play for a minor movie role that is hardly recognizable like fellow ex-AOTS host Olivia Munn because Morgan Webb is not riding the G4 train to ultimate stardom but rather the bedrooms of 18-35 year old nerds everywhere.
Drew "Morgan Webb is so hot, shes the only reason I watch X-Play religiously"

Drews Best Friend "Agreed."
#morgan #webb #g4 #x-play #video #games
by April Bee December 27, 2010
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