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A person who attempts to be in with "scene'" but fails, thus being rejected by the Scene Kids. A Scene-ject can be seen wearing a striped v-neck, tight jeans, and vans/converse. Music consists of any guy that has an usually high pitched voice and a fan base of 15 year old girls. (Anthony Green, Brokencyde, Circa Survive, etc...)
Scene-ject- Hey you going to the mall with me later?
Normal kid- Nah, im actually going to hang out with my girlfriend...
Scene-ject- Lame! Well time to dye my hair about 200 colors!
#scene kids #circa survive #gay #asshole #douche #arizona #deathcore #suicide silence #bree #brokencyde #nigger #sceen
by Apples! August 30, 2009
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