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Brett is a kid with a tiny penis who scooters with 10 year olds on his free time. He enjoys the mutilation of babies with granny panties on there heads. He goes to Tijuana on his free time to bang wolf pussy. He uses penis pumps on his dogs and has an "ejaculation blanket" that he spews all his man juice on. He was the main suspect of a case including him and a 49 year old man from Pittsburgh back in 1999. Alfred Tucker, who was, at the time, a successful businessman and philanthropist who had a master's degree in Business Economics and had a beautiful wife from downtown Walnut Creek, was found dead in a random tenement in uptown Oakland. His mouth was full of semen, foam, shampoo bars, and dildos. His asshole was full of diapers, which reeked of rotten potatoes. Anyway, back to the fucking story. Brett ended up having sex with a monkey and his mom became a prostitute. The end.
Hey, Brett.
YEAH!!!!!SCOOTER111111!!!!!!11 IM A FAGGOT?????
You're gay.
by Applebaby DiCkSchoolboyQLamar$ September 03, 2012
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