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1. An English male name that means "The Lord is my God"; derived from the name Elijah.

2. A guy who loves sarcasm more than he loves himself. He hates losing, especially when it comes to losing games. Some people would describe him as fruity and somewhat feminine, but you know he's not homosexual or metrosexual. He has quite an immature mind but he can still be highly intellectual.

2. A guy who is usually only social when he needs to be.

3. A guy who may act like a jerk on the outside, but is probably very sensitive on the inside; A guy who hides the fact that he has generally good intentions.

4. A newly created term to call a jerk, asshole, etc.
1. His middle name is Elliott because he's named after his grandfather Elijah.

2. Elliott: EWW GIRLS HAVE COOTIES!! But the new economic plan...

3. -in school-
Friend: Hey Elliott, wanna come watch a movie on Friday?
Elliott: No...who goes to the movies when you can be alone at home...?

4. Girl 1: So tell me what happened last night with you and Dave.
Girl 2: Oh my gosh, don't even mention it. Dave is SUCH an Elliott.
by ApplePieFTW January 17, 2009

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