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PC users (and many Mac users) miss the central tenet of Macintosh.

The Macintosh was designed as an 'information appliance.'
It was never designed to be opened and messed around with.

The software has better 'integration' with the OS, an OS that wasn't 'shoe-horned' into a platform that was never designed to run a GUI to begin with.

Most Mac users can also use a PC, every PC user I know can't operate a Mac, normally down to the fact they can't find the 'Start' menu. (This makes PCs preferable to Macs in that toddlers (and my Dad!) etc know exactly where to begin.)
PC users DO tend to be much more intelligent than Mac users though, mainly down to the fact they can perform rocket science type stuff like open up their PCs and fit a new hard-drive or shove in some new RAM.
When I play a DVD, I dont expect to have to open up the player, mess around inside only to find my movie doesn't play 'cause I haven't got the correct drivers installed.

That's the point of Macintosh.

Plus virus, dialer-trojan, worm attacks (for Windows users only of course!)
PCs also have an inbuilt feature were they crash on purpose because a silly Mac user has tried to do something constructive with it.

PC/LINUX users? what's the point when you need to boot into Windows anytime you need to run an industry standard app? Games don't count as 'industry standard.'
(LINUX being a castrated UNIX of course - See MacOS X.)

There are indeed very few games for Macintosh!
(IBM also make expensive, feature rich, minimalist laptops.)
Intelligent PC user- 'Why don't you use a PC?'

Me- 'All my apps run better and faster on a Macintosh, my software is so well integrated with the OS I can meta-link systems from one app straight into an other (see Vannevar Bush and his vision of 'Hypertext', Ted Nelson - 'Xanadu' (not to be confused with ELO.) and Alan Kay for 'meta-media.')
If I really wanted to play games all day I would have purchased an Xbox/Playstation/Gamecube. And dont forget...we kick started (ahem!) 'affordable' DTP!'

Intelligent PC user- 'Oh'

Me- 'You PC users will have the last laugh though! Now that the Mac and PC (since Apples jump to Intel), are basically the same platform in different guises, I'm just waiting for the day Steve Jobs (sold up the river!) announces a jump to Microsoft Windows.
On that day I'm moving to IBM Thinkpad!'

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