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A massive load of jizz.

What Dustin G put's on Evan M's chin every morning.
Hey Nate you should of seen the Mayonaise dumptruck I dumped on Dustin's chin last night. It was glorious.
by Apollo Rocket July 15, 2009
I steaming mess of manbatter on your face that takes the form of a goatee mustache.

Bumcum facial...

What the Moyler grows every weekend at bicycle jumping contests when he is not receiving a mayonaise dumptruck of course.
Question: Hey moyle do you want a protein goatee?
Statement: Dustin, I would love a protein goatee.

Shucks my protein goatee looks good.

Don't tell Ricky about the protein goatee he'll think I am gay but really I'm just confused.
by Apollo Rocket July 16, 2009

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