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Yahoo's pathetic way of creating viral internet terms.

In regards to Brad Pitt yodelling on Jimmy Fallon.
From a Yahoo article:

"In the video, Jimmy Fallon goes to the roof to relax the way we all like to relax — by getting his yod' on (somebody please add that to Urban Dictionary)."
#lame #weak #campy #cheesy #pathetic #kim kardashian
by Apollo Kayge June 19, 2013
It means hood-rat. Or hood-rat in nature. Plain and simple.

It does not mean things that are high-class or someone that is snobby. That is "bourgeois."

White people, please stop defining words with meanings you do not know of.

Alternate possible spellings: boozhee, boujee, boojy, boushi, booshi.
That 200lb girl with a mini dress on sure is boogie.

Guy 1: You want to hit up that lounge, 21st amendment?
Guy 2: Hell no, that place is boogie (ghetto, nasty, blah blah).
#boozhee #boujee #boojy #boushi #booshi
by Apollo Kayge November 19, 2012
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