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One of your friends who, when around the opposite sex, completely changes. This leads to them telling you to stop being so disrespectful and to be more sensitive just to look better themselves. Usually male. Pronouned oppo as in opposite.
Day 1, You: hahahaha look how fat that girl is
Day 1, Them: hahahaha girl needs her own area code SON

Day 2 with opposite sex, You: hahahaha look how fat that girl is
Day 2 with opposite sex, Them: That is very insensitive of you and I'm sure she has a very hard time trying to lose it also. You should learn to be more respecful to girls.
You: (thinking to yourself) He's a fucking oppodouche
by AoTiKo September 24, 2005
When an unsocial person heads to college and finds out it's a completely different world. They start partying like crazy and never do any work because they have never experienced something like this. They usually find pretty limp parties "out of control".
Steve is loving some pretty lame parties, I think he's got party shock.
by AoTiKo September 10, 2005
Drinking a funnel out of the funnel portion instead of the hose.
I did a couple of reverse funnels and now I'm drunk
by Aotiko November 26, 2005
A double shot of hard alcohol
All those deucers put me to the ground
by AoTiKo September 07, 2005
A college class at 8 in the morning
I can only drink until 3am because I have an eighter in the morning
by AoTiKo September 07, 2005
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