3 definitions by Anus Dwelling Hippy

a small anul dwelling hippopotamus. who enjoys breeding with Buffalo's and russel. in the mating season darrenclads get very frisky and violent
im going to darrenclad your ass
by Anus Dwelling Hippy February 09, 2007
Felching, The Act Of Drinking Man Paste Inside An Orafice Like The Anus Or Vagina.
Darren Indulged In Felching With Russel
by Anus Dwelling Hippy March 27, 2007
a man who indulges in sexual activities such as CBT and felching with many different men at once.
Darren got bumbaclarted and felched by russel and the ginger crew in sainsburies car park
by Anus Dwelling Hippy February 09, 2007

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