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A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. A person who would never intentionally hurt you, lie to you, deceive you, manipulate you, and who takes great care to be kind to you, honest with you, dependable and loyal. Someone who you trust without question because he/she has never given you any reason not to trust. Someone you enjoy being around and look forward to seeing. Someone who would sacrifice him/herself for you.
We are the best example of friend. We are bond together with each other. Our friendship includes best persons, Names are Deepak, Deepti, Shriya, Anurag, Manish, Naveen and few more like these...........
by Anurag Sinha June 26, 2007
It refers something Sweet. After hearing this word, comes a feeling in mind of something good and sweet:)
Mitthu is a name of my LOVE:) She is very Sweet and Lovely.
by Anurag Sinha May 27, 2007

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