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2 definitions by Anubis Uriel

(adj.)- the next step up from being a douche bag, usually a nosy bastard.
Guy: Yea, I boned that chick. And when I was done I gave her a Houdini
Chick: Why're you telling me this?! You're such a DOUCHE NOZZLE!
by Anubis Uriel April 24, 2009
25 18
(adj): The state of being extraordinarily hyper, usu. from consuming 2 or more energy drinks, such as Red Bull or Monster.
Guy 1: What's wrong with that guy, he looks like he;s on crack xD
Guy 2: Nah, he's just had a few Red Bulls, the dude's just zooted...
by Anubis Uriel April 24, 2009
3 25