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Gang of misfits known to mark their territory with UNF (urine and feces).

Sightings have been made around NYC, Pompton NJ, Washington DC, Lake Placid NY, HoCo and Dewey Beach.

Respect their gangster at all times, they will make you go asleep.
One of The Jackals kept asking the bartender for Supachexx Supachexx, so we had to cut him off and call the police for backup.

This place is trashed and there is a ton of beer in the snow, have The Jackals been here?

Oh snap is that Bass Patrol I hear, The Jackals are coming lock the door!

I used to be alive but then I crossed The Jackals.
by Anubis Maximus July 10, 2008
Urine and Feces.

Used for marking territory, mainly by jackals.
Oh my god there is UNF everywhere.

Blast that fool with UNF.

You won't see them comin around here no more, I got UNF everywhere.
by Anubis Maximus July 10, 2008

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