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Is produced within ones brown button,the process take weeks,once the cheese is ready for harvest,the recipient munches a ladys lettice..then swiftly deposting the grand mound of dairy goodness on a posh chez long or brass buffet.
Matron,the chesse is ready for sampling,crack open the ritz bikkies!
by anton von ton June 07, 2004
The Word Ricepiece...sings to meh!its like philamonic orcestral ambience..derivitives of...shitbox,cornhole,BrownButton,chocolate wisway,shitpipe,anusss,choc fudge maker,
"After i had a shit this morning my ringpiece was singing like pavorotti on cocaine"gonna have a turd in the forest,got no poo tickets(bog roll)Oooh well,i`ll have to make sure its a clean pinch so i dont get ringrash!(chefs arse)cure..cornflour or talc powder!dangle berry`s on me poowr ringpiece..
by Anton von ton June 05, 2004
a tasty tasting beverage for your own pet doggy,also a term for weak lager
Kimmy,will you stop polishing all that bitch piss up off the beach and......that beers like bitch piss....Making love in a canoo,fOOkin close to water!..
by Anton von ton June 05, 2004
means grub,food,nosebag etc....
damn that was a fine bit of baggin!
by Anton von ton June 06, 2004
This is a bird with a fanny rather loose and wide!
Fookin nora pet,i`ll need a plank accross me ass so i dont fall in!you got a reet big love bucket on you!
by Anton von ton June 06, 2004
love trunchen,battle club,purple headed warrior,wiberforce,wicket,fish stick,fat spanner,love meat...
Hey baby,wanna chew on me fuck meat!
by Anton von ton June 05, 2004
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