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1. White Japanese--someone who is white but was born in Japan and/or grew up there.

2. Wannabe Japanese--most likely an American whose life is based on anime, manga, and ridiculing people who go to Abercrombie and "waste" their money on 100 dollar flip-flops, when they spend all their money on Japanese Kimonos that aren't even fucking real! They vigorously study the Japanese language, and often says stuff like "baka", "kisama", etc and some even say stuff like "oro", which is a completely retarded term that Rurouni Kenshin, some gay-ass Samurai uses on the kids show "Rurouni Kenshin".

They seriously base their entire life on trying to be Japanese, while they've never even been to Japan. Japanese Americans think they are a bunch od idiots and posers and hate their guts, because those Wapanese are being RACIST!!! Being Japanese isn't about watching anime (that was created by the Japanese to entertain kids--I was raised in Japan and stuff like "InuYasha", "Rurouni Kenshin", "One Piece"--they were ALL POPULAR WHEN I WAS SEVEN-YEARS-OLD) when you're like, 17, saying weird Japanese phrases with American accents, trying to make up own fake-Japanese phrases like "nano" (which is a interpretation of "nani"--recently abolished when iPod Nano came out).

Wapanese: Konichiwa, I love Japan! I wanna go to Japan and be Japanese!
Japanese American: WTF! You guys are really insulting, you know that?
Wapanese (shocked): Oro?
Japanese American: Go die, racist!
by Anti-Wapanese March 21, 2006
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