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Thank you, anti-yankee, for yet another tasteless diatribe on why everyone in the United States is evil because the American GOVERNMENT is a bunch of selfish wankers. I'm surprised that you failed to mention that the money that Bush pledged comes from the EXISTING U.S. budget for foreign aid, not an additional sum to add onto the whole.

Yes, I'm an American and I knew that. You can stop staring, it's rude.

The problem with you good people of Europe is your overwhelming impulse to condescend to everyone from the U.S. that you can get your hands on, so you can launch into another diatribe about how us, the many, are evil because of the actions of our government, the few. It gets really irritating after a while, not to mention how you operate on the assumption that we don't already KNOW any of this.

In other words: piss off, you bloody wanker.
Frenchwoman: Hey, American, why are you taxing my beef unfairly?
Yank #1: You mean me, or just my government? Because I don't remember ever having signed a tariff on French agricultual products that I happen to disagree with.
Frenchwoman: ...never mind.

Dutchman: You Americans, you're all such puritans!
Yank#2: Are we ALL puritans? I mean, how can you call me a puritan while I'm smoking a joint in an Amsterdam strip club.
Dutchman: Uhhh...

Brit: You Americans are all so selfish! Why did you give so little aid after the tsunami last December?
Yank #3: Are we truly ALL selfish? Because I just mailed a check to Oxfam, in addition to another I gave to Doctors Without Borders last week, and the one to the Red Cross on December 27.
Brit: ...okay, fine. Not ALL Americans are like that.
by Anti anti-Yankee April 21, 2005

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