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1 definition by Anti Chav Lollz

Charvas are the scum of the universe and should be shot. They treat other people like they are shit, when the charvas are the ones standing on street corners looking like prostitutes. Most charv girls get pregnant b4 they are 20, and loads have abortions b4 they are 15. Their clothes are tacky,disgusting and completely mismatched. Im a goth and ive had charvas grief me about the way i look and they couldnt think of a better insult if it came up and slapped them with a wet fish. They are obsessed with mothers and use this as an insult ("ya ma'!") they suck the big one and should be put into corectional faciliies till they can pronounce goth properly.
"Hoo man! Ya fuckin goffick freak!"
"wot u fink u lukin at ya stupid goffick cunt!"
by Anti Chav Lollz November 09, 2003
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