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Agony On Line

Akin to the pain you feel when having intestinal cramps while websurfing, but are too stupid to get up and go to the toilet to relieve yourself because you are afraid you'll miss an one of those super important AOL Instant Messages.
Eating this Thai food gave me the AOL's

see also the shits
by Anthony Watts June 02, 2004
Windows ME

aka "Megaflop Edition"

We have banned ME from the building. We bought one copy, and installed it. We left the machine running overnight, and were greeted with a BSD next morning. Sitting there doing nothing ME will explode on its own.

Given that Microsoft collected money for this P.O.S. and made no apology for its brain deadness, it could also aptly be named....

"Malfeasance Edition"
see also malfeasance
by Anthony Watts June 02, 2004
Tentacleware: Software which when installed on your PC gets into just about every aspect of your operating system, causing problems with other applications, and even the OS itself.

Programs like AOL, Gator, RealPlayer, and Xupiter are good examples. Not to be confused with Spyware, Tentacleware is so entrenched in your OS its hard or nearly impossible to remove completely.

Sometimes the removal of Tentacleware itself causes problems, becuase it leaves holes in the OS where it replaced a DLL file with one of its own specialized ones.
"this freaking software has its tentacles wrapped around my PC"


"this tentacleware has my Windows by the shorts hairs, and I can't get rid of it"


Windows ME is the tentacleware of the millenium
by Anthony Watts July 06, 2004
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