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Synonym for "cocksucker"
Quit blocking the intersection, you dicksmoker!
by Anthony Volpe April 22, 2003
A dork. Word popularized by professional wrestlers Edge and Christian.
Triple H is such a total reekazoid.
by Anthony Volpe April 17, 2003
The most annoying way to end a sentence, especially if you are above twenty years of age and have the street credibility of Martin Mull.
Check this out, yo!
by Anthony Volpe April 16, 2003
Homestar Runner's best friend; a giant orange ball that wears skin-tight yellow clothes. When he talks, he sounds like someone blowing a staw into a glass of milk.
"Seriously, Pom-Pom, I'm about to pee my pants."
by Anthony Volpe April 16, 2003

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