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A heightened sense of worry produced by the collision of two specific experiences, namely a) the pleasure of listening to a new and hitherto unknown musical composition whilst in a public place, and b) the distress of being unable to capture the said tune for future pleasure using a portable device (such as a smart phone) that is owned but not presently possessed by the listener.
The ambient groove of an urban cafe is momentarily disrupted by a faintly audible obscenity ushered by an otherwise innocent looking man. The man rummages in vain for an unknown object in his satchel whilst repeatedly glancing toward the speakers above him. Attempts to be discreet are betrayed by his increasingly pale complexion and glistening forehead. Suddenly, triggered by a change in song emanating from the speakers, the man returns to his original persona - though a deep and abiding sense of opportunity lost will remain. He has thus experienced shazanx. Meanwhile, a woman in a cafe down the street points a smart phone at a sound system and smiles.
by Anthony Jons April 07, 2012

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