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Not to be confused with "toad in the hole", this is a Yorkshire way of saying, "I had a bloody good shit". Us Yorkie folk like to have a good brag about our shits.
"Eyup Dave arr kid, I adda reet turd in't 'ole last neet!"
by Anthony Ibbitson January 27, 2009
A vagina that smells severely of Curry, usually Madras or Tikka. This is because they are usually of the asian, pakki origin and because they eat a lot of curry and wipe their shit on their holes, their pussy stinks of this type of shit! It's usually used as an insult but sometimes these uglies like being called this.
"Oi, that is one reet curry cunt you got there! Is you from Bradistan man?! Get back to that shit tip now! Smells like you're cooking up a reet keema korma in there."
by Anthony Ibbitson January 25, 2009
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