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1 definition by Anthony's babyguuuurl♥

Anthony is a sweet sexxi guy, whos often known as a sex god, you'd be lucky to fine a single anthony, because they are amazing boyfriends, they know just how to sweet talk you, and touch you in ways that make you want more, there amzing and care for the people around them so much, if your belly hurts they'll rub it, if your cold they'll give you there shirt off there back, they love to be silly and goof around to make you laugh, he's usually exspecially silly around his girlfriend Anthonys are amazing at sports and are very popular, exspecially with the ladies, although they have constant attention from girls they are extreamly faithful to the ones there with, problems with ex girlfriend will most likely occur, but stick with your anthony, it's worth it.♥
Yeah, thats my anthony
by Anthony's babyguuuurl♥ July 26, 2011