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When you get caught looking at guy porn in Graphic Arts.
Jaber was seen with Porno Boy last night.
by Anthony March 13, 2004
One of the best shows to ever appear on The N. It revolves around "the weirdness," - ie - short turn memory loss, people acting like cats.
Hey did u see O'Grady last night? It rocked. It was the one where the street sign people came to life and helped everyone. It rocked. It was on after Degrassi which also rocked.
by Anthony November 10, 2004
Undecided sexual orientation; synonymous with 'bisexual'.
DarkOokami and Jakkaru call themselves agnosexuals, because 'bi' makes them sound rather sleazy.
by Anthony January 21, 2005
when your face looks like its been hit by a brick repeatedly.
Jaber: Hey guys look at my girlfriend.
Guy1: Damn she's brickfaced.
by Anthony March 11, 2004
A satanic peice of machinerey that can move people to and from any point in the space time continueum... or the grand canyon...
by Anthony May 13, 2003
The best up and comming metal-core band ever.
Hey Asshole get off your lazy ass and go see Strength In Scars!
by Anthony December 03, 2004
Anthony's obnoxious face
Derivation: Latin: scrampus - lick my taint
thonius - please
Scrampthonie is so scrampthonyesque that you can smell it from down the hall.
by Anthony October 20, 2004

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