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Fonz comes from the nick name of Fonzy from an old T.V. series called Happy Days. This word is used by me for the meaning of Cool or Good or Great. This word is a possitive use and should always be that way.
I am Fonz, My life is Fonz, Fonzy from Happy Days is Fonz.
by Ant Rice July 19, 2005
Dudism is a word that was created by Ant Rice and James Dale to give the meaning of high power and greatness in everyway. The people that play a part of Dudism are known as Duds.
(Dud is a play of the word Dude)
Dudism is a very underground form of a cult or religion
James: Dud!!
Ant: Dud!
James: Oh my god we are like..... Duds!!
Ant: Dudism is life!
by Ant Rice September 08, 2006

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