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The best fast food chain ever.

The only place were you can get as many meat patties as you want on your burger and just call it and NxN where N is the number of patties.
On of my friends had a 7x7.
by Another guy stuck in Lodi May 02, 2004
A drink formed by putting a burrito and a mocha together in a blender.

The idea came from a group of friends wondering what would happen if you mixed Taco Bell and Starbucks.
Mmmm. Mmmm. That Mocharrito was chunky.
by Another guy stuck in Lodi May 01, 2004
What you say when somebody says something dumb and you have no comment. Also used to describe a stupid or BS situation.

The concept came from talking about taking a trip to Mexico and how anybody that brings any bills larger then a one or a five is dumb.
1) Heather: Midgets are good drivers.
Chris: Ones and fives.

2) Robert: Man that Government essay topic was crap.
Chris: Ones and fives.
by Another guy stuck in Lodi April 26, 2004
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