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The study of cancerous diseases, in which one would study tumors and their causes, treatment, and cure.
Bob: Hey Jesse, do you have the notes from yesterday?
Jesse: Yeah Bob, but don't worry, we only learned about Oncology and how important it is in the world!
by Another IMSA student November 11, 2005
Necrosis is another form of cellular suicide, much like Apoptosis, only in Necrosis, the cell does not totally disappear.

The mitochondria of the cell swell, as do all of the cytoplasmic compartments of the cell. The plasma, organelle and nuclear membranes all dissolve, and ribosomes disappear. Eventually the cell disintegrates, and leaves little bits and pieces.

Very easy to recognize.
Whoa! My cell is totally going under necrosis!

Necrosis is what you DON'T WANT your cells to do when you cure cancer. You want no debris or leftovers.
by Another IMSA student October 31, 2005

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