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1 definition by Another Disgruntled Employee

A strange mixture between fast food and legitimate dining. A terrible combination as everyone wants to sit down but would also like to eat within 0.177 seconds of paying for their meal. Prime hangout spot for rednecks, old lonely women, the morbidly obese, black people and, in more suburban areas, wiggers. The perfect place to go if you are looking to be disgusted with humanity.
Woman with gross smoker voice: Could i get 16 pieces of chicken, all breasts, 4 large potato wedges, 3 ears of corn and... uhh.. give me a diet pepsi. Im trying to watch my weight.
Cashier: Do you want your chicken original recipe, or extra crispy?
Woman: Yes.

5 o'clock news: ...And in other news there was a brutal slaying at the Weymouth KFC.
by Another Disgruntled Employee March 22, 2007