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A large suburb of Houston, Texas. Consists mainly of fags, especially the kind that live and breath Abercrombie, Hollister and Gap. Most of the people that don't fall into the above category are druggies/alcoholics. The real story for anyone bothering to read this is most likely Kingwood Highschool. Its a huge, overpopulated, and extremely over competitive school where most sports teams are somehow decent, with the exception of Football which needs to learn how to throw a fucking pass. Most students at KHS (Kingwood Highschool) fall into one of three general categories, the kids who take school way too seriously, the kids who don't give a shit about school, and the kids who don't have to do great in school but still try anyways because they realize an education is the only way to escape from "the bubble". Kingwood is referred to as "the bubble" largely because the kids here live very sheltered lives, have almost no clue whats REALLY going on in the world, and in reality probably don't care anyways. Also known as "the smokeable forest" because of the large druggie population which can't handle the fact that Kingwood is less exciting than a pile of shit, and try to make it more so with drugs/alcohol. It is true that alot of people in Kingwood have more money than they need, and there are alot of rich fags here. But don't be fooled, amidst all the people desperately trying to fit into one of the many cliques KHS has to offer, there are still some people here who have some depth to their personality, who do care whats happening in the world (especially those with family in the military, rock on =D), and who you might actually want to talk to. These are generally the more laid back kids, who don't have to do drugs and other crap to entertain themselves, who try in school, but don't freak out over it any more than is necessary, and who don't wear what they wear to "be cool" or to "fit in" but because its actually an expression of their own personality and not just some mask they use to fool people into thinking their stylish or some crap like that. Should you be unfortunate enough to move here, you should probably seek out this small group of real people before you get swallowed up by the innumerable amounts of drones.
Fag Kid: "Look at my new shirt that has 'Hollister' goin down the side! I must look pretty damn sexy, im gonna have more chicks than the rap star I idolize! Maybe i'll even get laid if I smoke some weed first to make myself even cooler!"

Other Kid: "What the fuck? I must be in Kingwood ...SHIT!"
by Anonymouscaller January 12, 2009

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