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A shallow, annoying, selfish, pathetic being whose intelligence is nearly sub-human. These creatures typically dress like total sluts, then get angry if that earns them undesired attention from boys even though the way they dress makes it appear as though they are totally asking for it. They are known to be extremely dramatic when it is really not necessary, they also tend to make it extremely difficult to solve a social conflict when it should be as simple as an apology, but no. They have to make it 100 times more complicated than it has to be. Some typically cannot shut up about certain things that they are fans of. Some will blame guys for their problems, or will blame guys for adding to their problems as if teen boys have to go through absolutely nothing difficult throughout their teenage life, but trust me, they do (for instance, putting up with teenage girls!). They feel the need to conform to certain social "norms" and will consent to any amount of objectification as long as it makes them popular. I could go on and on about their flaws, but that would take me all day.

Now, I must admit, not all teenage girls are like this. There are some that are actually quite smart, funny, and overall enjoyable to be around. However, these teenage girls are getting increasingly rare. Another sad thing is, most teen girls who read this will think that they fit into the variety that are smart, funny, etc. when really, they most likely don't.
If you're a high school student, just look around you and you'll see plenty of examples of teenage girls who are like this.
by AnonymousUser828476 October 02, 2013

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