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Speaker for the Dead (1986) is a science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card and an indirect sequel to the novel Ender's Game. This book takes place around the year 5270, some 3,000 years after the events in Ender's Game. However, due to relativistic space travel Ender himself (who now goes by his real name Andrew Wiggin or by his title "Speaker for the Dead") is only about 35 years old.

This is the first book to talk about Starways Congress, a high standpoint Legislation for the human colonies. It is the first to fully mention the Hundred Worlds, 100 planets which humans colonized which are tightly intertwined by the xenocided Buggers' old Ansible technology. It also showed Ender's sister's terms for life forms, such as Varelse.

Like Ender's Game, the book won the Nebula Award in 1986,1 and the Hugo Award in 1987,2 making Card the first author in history to win both these awards in two consecutive years. Speaker for the Dead was published in a slightly revised edition in 1991. It was followed by Xenocide and Children of the Mind.
Speaker for the Dead read it.
by Anonymous mk II August 12, 2009
Anonymous is a single being composed by many being with one thought. this is a random conception only made possible by the massive amount of people that the internet connects. Anonymous is not so much a person but an Idea.

Being that Anonymous (Anon for short) is the collective intelligence, opinions, and beliefs of the people all over the world Anon will have a tendency to fight for the rights of human kind. Anon will erase any one it deems fit to erase. As Anon's will is not that of one person but of those the world over Anon is in the eyes of most "right". while there is no "right" or "wrong" a large amount of people will believe Anon to be "right" as a large amount of people are part of this one being.

Anonymous is a remarkable being for the simple fact that Anon is one of the few examples of a spontaneous worldwide entity who is intelligent and functioning.
Anonymous does not forgive
Anonymous does not forget
we are legion
expect us
by Anonymous mk II August 11, 2009
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