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A derisive name for Jesus Christ. Refers to His death and resurrection. A favorite among Internet Bible Bashers.
Several UD definition for Christianity and the Bible include the term "Cosmic Jewish Zombie." It's kinda nerve-grating.
by Anonymous debunker of myths August 15, 2008
The "Year Without a Summer," in which a massive volcanic eruption in Indonesia injected a huge amount of smoke and ash into the atmosphere, creating a layer that blocked out sunlight and lowered temperatures worldwide.
Now here's my point: the conditions were JUST like those predicted in a "nuclear winter." And yet we're still here. The fact that we survived the "Year Without a Summer" disproves the idea that a nuclear winter would be the humanity-killing event the alarmists say it will.
Me: Uh, excuse me, but didn't a volcano erupt in 1816 and produce nuclear winter-like conditions?
Crazy Guy: Uh, yes.
Me: And mankind is still here to remember it, right?
Crazy Guy: Yes again.
Me: OK, so what makes you think a nuclear winter will be any different?
by Anonymous debunker of Myths February 17, 2009
The belief that God (the Christian God) used evolution to create life on Earth. This theory says that God designed the natural processes that guide evolution, and endowed Mankind with a soul when it had reached a sufficient level of sentience(This is often called the "Ontological Leap.")
Contrary to fears of many Christians, evolutionary creationism is not incompatible with Christianity. It does not preclude the existence of an Adam and Eve, the Fall of Man, or the need for the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. The creation story in Genesis was not intended as a literal account of Earth's origins, but to illustrate the fact that God created the world. And no, the age of the Earth required by evolution does not contradict the "six-day" duration of creation in Genesis. The word "day" could have been code for a long, indeterminate period of time. Assuming Genesis 1-2 was a myth does not make the Bible "errant," because it does not contradict the message onmmunicated by the story-that God is the Creator of the world.
Many Christians who believe in evolutionary creationism also hold beliefs that fit the bill for "Evangelical," i.e. conservative. Notable examples are Asa Gray(Charles Darwin's own correspondent), Francis Collin (head of the Human Genome Project), and even the mighty C.S. Lewis. In short, Christians who oppose evolution need to get over themselves.
BTW, comment or die.
Traditional Creationist: Evolution is a bunch of hooey!
Evolutionary Creationist: What makes you say that?
Traditional Creationist: It's not in the Bible.
Evolutionary Creationist: Well, that was because God wasn't concerned the details of creation. He simply wanted people to know that He was the Creator.
Traditional Creationist: But evolution says there's no God.
Evolutionary Creationist: Not really. It just seems that way because atheists are constantly insisting that evolution leaves no room for God. The truth is, evolution leaves plenty of room for God!
Tradtional Creationist: Nonsense! *runs off* evolutionary creationism is no creationism!
Evolutionary Creationist: *sigh and groan*
by Anonymous debunker of myths December 16, 2008
Someone who thinks that absolute slobs should get as much pay as the people who break their backs daily. Also tend to be fairly murderous.
It is an article of faith for a Commie that the USSR and the PROC are not "true communist societies." Never mind the fact that Marx himself advocated dictatorship as necessary for building a communist nation.
by Anonymous debunker of myths January 17, 2009
A mental disorder that causes the sufferer to imagine that the United States is a theocracy run by fundamentalist Christians. Often leads to an extreme distrust of Christians, or least those that don't subscribe to liberal theology. Very common among secular leftists. The funny thing is:
(1). The devotion these people show towards the seperation of church and state that rivals the devotion their percieved enemies hold towards their religion.
(2). Those who believe this also believe that fundamentalist Christians (the ones running the theocracy) are too stupid to run a nation.
Theocracy Paranoia is foolish. The First Amendment ensures that establishing a theocratic government is impossible. Many Christians also oppose a theocracy, because they know that the merging of church and state that theocracy entails would cause the church to become lazy, inefficient, and corrupt.
by Anonymous debunker of myths August 30, 2008
Abortion is the act of killing an unborn child by removing it from the womb before it can survive. A disgusting act, it's only acceptable if the mother's life is endangered by the pregnancy. However, thanks to a truly insane ruling by the Supreme Court in 1973, abortion can be performed for any reason. Most of the time, it's done by women who don't want the responsibility of raising childredn. Well if that's the reason, why did you have sex? I mean, if you can't raise a child, you have no business getting laid.
Why have an abortion when you can avoid having sex in the first place?
by Anonymous debunker of myths January 17, 2008
An alternative scientific theory for the origins of life. Contrary to what 99% of people will tell you, Intelligent Design is not grounded in religion, nor does it assume the existence of an intelligent being as creator. Instead, the theory suggests that intelligence is a force that exists in the universe(similar to gravity or magnetism), and that it affected the development of life on Earth. Unfortunately, the opponents of Intelligent Design have succeeded in convincing the public that the theory is simply Christian Creationism in disguise, and its proponents are promoting the theory out of religious fervor. This lie has become so engrained in the minds of people that it seems that nothing could expose the truth.
I'm not here to offer evidence for Intelligent Design. I'm just here to debunk a all-too-common myth about the theory.
by Anonymous debunker of myths July 20, 2008

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