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Usually the kind of person you cross over the road to avoid.

Have a hate for the glorious Liverpool FC. This hate I believe is fuelled by that fact that they have very, very little success compared to other clubs.

Notice how Evertonians rarely praise they're own club, moreover insult other clubs, mainly the Reds.

Why are Everton so shite? Nobody truly knows, but what everyone does know is that "Duncan ferguson is PROPA SOLID LA!"

'Nuff said.
Look at that evertonian smoking crack and stealing cars!

Evertonian 1: liverpool are shite, la!
Evertonain 2: innit, la, liverpool are shite!

Evertonian 3: Stevie G is shite, la!
Evertonian 4: Duncan ferguson is so 'ard lar, he would knock him out lar!!
by Anonymous Scouser April 26, 2007
A club with very little success, fans of Everton tend to insult other clubs rather than attempt to compliment their own.

Evertonians tend to be the scum that hang around on street corners, and generally give the city of Liverpool a bad name.
Typical conversation with a supporter of Everton:

Evertonian: a'ight LA!!
Liverpudlian: When did you last win the league?
Evertonian: Stevie G is shite, la!
Liverpudlian: o...k..

Evertonian goes on to be a crack addict.
by Anonymous Scouser April 26, 2007

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