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Shitty Premiership club from London,owned by a russian mafia boss - Roman Abramovich - which aplauds every their goal like a fuckin´ faggot and pounds Mourinho´s ass after the matches.Chelski has no history whatsoever.Plays every year with a different squad.The club´s manager is a CHEATING and arrogant nitwit who has no idea of football and threatens UEFA referees.
-How many games haven't Chelski beaten Arsenal in Premiership?
by Anonymous Gooner April 08, 2005
One of the best defenders England has ever had.A true giant.Plays in the greatest f****n club in Britain - Arsenal FC.He´s a former Tottenham player,so spurs call him a traitor...
Have to stop Ronaldo and Ronaldinho?Nothing to worry about,Sol is the MAN.
by Anonymous Gooner April 13, 2005
Poorly talented footballer playing in Scumchester United.Famous for his divings and for being a Sir Alex´s bitch.Always warmly received on Arsenal ground.
The bitch - Van Nistelrooy - was beaten by Arsenal FC players.
by Anonymous Gooner April 07, 2005

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