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A rich suburban town in New York where rich bitches have nothing better to do than gossip and drink. No matter what they do, daddy's connections will get them into the college of their choice. Everything and everyone in this town is perfect, and if its not they get plastic surgery to fix it. The boys are gorgeous assholes who drive hot cars and drink till they pass out. The girls are flawless bitches. Everyone is good at everything. When they lose, they party harder and daddy treats them extra special, loaning his yacht to them and their friends for the weekend. According to parents, drinking is legal for all ages in this town and parents dont teach their kids to play ping pong but beer pong. Rye is a town filled with huge mansions, hot boys, stunning girls, wall street fathers, and stuck up moms who have nothing better to do with their lives than live vicariously through their children.
A usual rye night:
Mom: What are you doing tonight Willie?
Willie: Not sure yet.
Mom: Why don't you invite all your friends over for a round of bierrut, you left your keg downstairs from last night.
Willie: Sick ill call the girls
Mom: Okay call me if you need anything, theres another keg upstairs
Willie: iight!
Mom: Oh honey don't speak in that gangster tone!
by Anonymous 01 November 07, 2005

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