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haydendaft, also known as outlawkats, is a largely known 10 year old furfaggot on deviantArt and now furaffinity. She pulls "art" out of her widely stretched asshole and refuses to listen to critiques that at least try to help her to improve her eye burning bullshit. She is infamous for bitching, hating her life, tracing, stealing dubstep, and has a record of stealing designs and claiming the "cooncat" species as her own, explicitly stating that nobody else is allowed to have a cooncat fursona. She is extremely unoriginal, over half of her fursona designs being done by other people as well as her "amazing" drawing ideas. She has been diagnosed with a very common disorder known as "I'm 14! No.. 16! 18 Maybe?". While she mourns and complains that No one gives a flying fuck about her, she also holds useless grudges and talks shit about her helpers, which now are haters. This whore has also been in a large handful of Relationships that have never lasted up to a month.
Even after her endless years of complaining and being "depressed", raped, pregnant, almost dead from heart problems, etc, she's still standing. We're all pining for the day that she actually makes her suicidal words meaningful. To this day she is still around on Furaffinity, whoreing around the site causing problems. Need I say more?
I WILL FIND YOU" - outlawkats

"Well I was going around asking my friends questions.. I might go Lesbian or..Transgender...and I want to know...if my friends would support me or leave me... someone would leave some would stay but this one guy.. I really needed his opinion and he got so pissed off and rude..."- outlawkats
by Anony c; December 31, 2012

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