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Funny and truthful book by Scott Cohen (An Everyday guy, Not a Famous Author) is a collection of those everyday little annoyances that we face in life (738 of them!). This book will definitly make you say "That's so true!" and "I thought I was the only one who notcied that!" because it's so observational and you'll laugh so hard because of how real and truthful it is.
Selected Annoyances:

-When you forget the initial thought you were thinking of, and then stumble on to a thought far less engaging and far less interesting then the thought you were thinking of before.

-When the Photographer sais "Cheese!" and realizes that there's something he had to fix on the camera, leaving you waiting there with a frozen smile that easily fades out into a phony grin.

- Having the suspiscion that using 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is not as effective as if you used them both individually.

- The Vulnerability you feel while sitting on a public toilet.

- When the waitress asks "Is Everything alright here?" after you've taken a big bite out of a sandwich, causing you to grunt your response.

Just to name a few...
by Anonomously Anonomous August 17, 2005
"in southern New York State, along with New York City. Nassau and Suffolk make up psuedo-long island, which techincally not part of the city. But most of nassau and western suffolk have the same culture and same or close "new york minute" feeling(rush hour for example). After all most of the skilled workforse for the city comes from the island, and its the money those people bring home that keeps long islands economy strong.

Most of long island is suburbs, from the town of brookhaven in suffolk to the queens border. Some of the areas are more urban than others, and some completely urban(spots in nassau, for example). Ask anyone, either they or their parents have lived in the city at one point in recent history; people move to get into more suburban atomosphere and to be closer to the beaches.

And to clear the "New Yorker" term up. "New Yorker" comes from "NEW YORK City" not New York State, so it refers to people in the city. Since Long Island is so closely connected with teh city, both culturly and geographically (brooklyn and queens are on long island), Long Islanders are also called New Yorkers (except for the east enders who stay in their shells and never go west). While out of staters can call people from upstate New Yorkers, its because they dont know the area well. Upstate is completely different than downstate, its more like pennsylvania, and doesnt embrase the "New York" atmosphere."

Couldn't have said it better myself. Long Island is the atmosphere of NYC put into a suburban setting. Long Islanders like to refer to each other as New Yorkers because the two areas are very related. But even diffrent areas on Long Island have diffrent feelings. Nassau and Western Suffolk have a lot more people who are more commonly jewish and more appreciative of the city. East of western suffolk (Huntington, Commack, Farmingdale, etc.) feels more like people who don't really like the city and are more like typical Middle americans. Some parts of Long Island have a very "Queens-ish" feeling to them. Some parts of the very west end of Nassau county have a similar atmosphere to Queens (Great Neck, New Hyde Park, Manhasset).
Great Beaches, Great style......
by Anonomously Anonomous July 09, 2005

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