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2 definitions by Anonamise User

People that head bang to metal music. (Which does not include Insane Clown Posse) They hate Emos because they basiclly mock our stye whether your goth or just a band t-shirt wearer. Dont take much to get pissed off and can kick peoples ass physically and verbally. Dont need a group to fight someone. Enjoy walking around at night with friends and listening to metal all the time and sharing underground metal bands with friends. Wear band shirts not prepy clothing including American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister and most Metalheads hate people that wear that shit some wear that though but there not true metalheads because preps are pussys and metalheads are not. Sometimes had long hair intended for head banging. Hate the government in a none hippie way. (influenced by Arch Enemy or rage against the machine) But the most important thing is to be a complete badass.
Jon: Im sick of a the preps getting the chicks

Dilon: Then Put this Lamb of God T-shirt on and lets go to the mall around 10:00 pm

Jon: why?

Dilon: Chicks fuck metalheads
by Anonamise User November 25, 2007
32 17
A person with the erge to have sex with an Asian and/or Emo(But hate emo you just think its cool because it like fucking a lesbian)
1.Damn dude, When we went to that Bleeding Wrists concert in I feel like a Dilon

2.Asians are hot, Im a hardcore Dilon
by Anonamise User November 25, 2007
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