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A "race" of people.

While it is possible for them to be well educated, the opportunity isn't taken advantage of.

Common places where you can find Black People are at your local Kentucky Fried Chicken, outside your local liquor store, and in your living room stealing your television set.. Right now.

Black People can be categorized by their lack of belts, exposed under garments and general hatred of all other races, usually proclaiming that the "man has been keepin' 'dem down!" and "'hatin on a nigga!", these are usually just ploys to avoid employment.

Common ways of dealing with Black People are to avoid eye contact, any, eye contact.
Throw a bucket of fresh (or to them phresh) "Kernel", then run ten miles in the opposite direction. If they happen to follow you, "whip" out your cat-o-nine tails and go to work.

If you are a white female and are particularly infatuated with Black People, DON'T BE! Theres a high probability you will be raped if you make any eye contact.
I'm afraid of Black People!

Me too!
by Anon1426513426153 August 25, 2008
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