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Lower Moreland is a small township outside of Philadelphia. Most of the kids from there think that they are hood and all of the jews believe that they are better then everyone else. The girls are stuck-up bitches who think there the shit and the guys are all wanna be hardasses. When a girl gets her period, she recieves a brand new 30,000 dollar car. I don't know about everyone else but my first car sure as hell wont be 30,000 dollars, unless i discovered a cure for AIDS. The guys think there so fuckin tough because there cars have tinted windows and they have their ears pierced and because they speed out of the parking lot blasting Lil Wayne or Meek Millz. Kids from Lower Moreland get 30 dollars for taking out the trash and feeding there dogs. The most annoying part of Lower Moreland is the invasion of Israelis coming in. They think there so cool because they smuggled all that dam Afghani Kush in from the East. If you ever see an Israeli while passing through that shithole Lower Moreland, then sock him in the face or you'll regret it the rest of your life.
Random Kid: Hey bro, can i borrow 10 cents for this bottle of water. I haven't had anything to drink in 4 days.

Lower Moreland Kid: Nah brah, i want this 10 cents so i can buy the Carter 3 CD. That shits fuckin bangin yo.

Random Kid: Man that fucking pussy must be from Lower Moreland.
by Annoyed Catholic! December 13, 2009
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