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-Someone with a $100 monthly iTUNES bill, when limewire is completely free.

-Someone who owns a cool new ipod video that can hold 7,000 songs, but they spent 2 years saving up for it.
They also carry it with them everywhere they go and never take their headphones off.

Grocery Check-out clerk: How would you like to pay for purchase?
Podestrian: Huh?
Grocery Check-out Clerk: (yelling) HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO PAY FOR YOUR PURCHASE?
Podestrian: (looking into space tapping his hands to the beat of the song he's currently listening to)......
Grocery Check-out Clerk: *thinking to himself:.
This is just just another Podestrian. *
#ipod #student #pedestrain #itunes #ipodestrian
by Annie Kristine December 18, 2005
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