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1.) A birthday bicycle is a means of transport for an individual on their birthday, on which many can 'take a ride'.

2.) A Birthday Bike can be purchased as a gift for somebody's birthday, after which they excessively use their new bike.

3.) A birthday bike has many uses. You can take it for a spin to the shops, to school, home from clubbing/pubbing or work.

4.) As a sexual innuendo it can be referred to as a 'Banging Birthday Bike'... The abbreviation of which is 'BBB'.

4.) There are many benefits regarding a birthday bike. For example, it is a communal means of transport and saves the environment.

5.) Can be referred to as a 'Banging Birthday Bike' in sexual innuendo context. (Abbreviation of which is 'BBB').
I saw Tamina out on her Birthday Bike last night with her new man! She looked banging as she took him for a ride!
by Annie Asian May 08, 2011

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