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The Scale is used as code numbers for sexual acts. There are many versions but this is the most well known (and best) one. It can be usefull to use The Scale when in the company of people who you don't want to know about your sexual adventures!! Here is The Scale.

1) Holding Hands

2) Cuddling

3) Kissing

4) Shifting (kissing with tongues)

5) Feeling Up (with clothes on)

6) Topping (feeling under top and bra)

7) Dry Humping

8) Handy (handjobs, fingering)

9) Oral

10) Sex

11) Kinky Sex (role play, bondage, use of whips, etc.)

12) Anal

13) Fisting

14) Weird Stuff (this stuff has to be strange, and not give any added sexual pleasure. Acts include rainbow kissing, fulching, strawberry cheescake, etc.)

15) Heading (if you know what ''fist''ing is, you know what ''head''ing is)

So everyone, USE THE SCALE!!
Tom: Hey guys, any advances on The Scale lately?

John: Yep, me and Amy did 9 yesterday!

Ryan: 9! You serious? I'm on 14! With five people!

Tom: I did the whole scale yesterday with Sarah (: I'm great. Where are you Jack?

Jack: I'm on 10 and can't wait to go higner!
by Annettibus December 03, 2009

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