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Well, besides having choppy hair, wearing tight pants and taking lots of pictures, Scene can also mean someone who likes to publisize their problems/issues to people either in conversations, in msn names, forums, myspace/facebook profiles, etc. They usually do this by saying something out of the ordinary that will catch peoples attention..thus they are another type of attention whore. An example of something they could do along with msn names is turn their 'what im listenin to' on and listen to sad, depressing music so that everyone can see.
Jimmy: Hey dan, whats up buddy?
Dan: nothing, i just hate my life, you can read all about it today in my msn name. Plz dont hesitate to ask me about it cause i love that.
Jimmy: god dan, your so scene!

Msn name example: wish i could disappear..just when i thought my life couldn't get any worse
by AnnaBanana5050 February 01, 2007

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