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Modest Mouse are the only band to have successfully stayed "indie" when they turned mainstream.
Modest Mouse is the only true indie band that is played on the radio
by Anna Loves Modest Mouse May 09, 2005
a mix between "awesome" and "rawr" which is a sexy roar that makes its awesomeness even more awesome! and makes it into a cool new word which people don't know about.
wow that song is rawrsum!
by anna loves modest mouse August 24, 2005
a delightful expression of delight and excitement, followed by the swift arm movements up and down,using both arms, like a train driver pulling on two of his horns.
Mary-Betty: Hey Sue, theres a rawrsum party on tonight, your lover is going to be there.
Sue: "Woot Toot!" *moves arms up and down above head*
Mary-Betty: cya there weirdo!
by Anna loves modest mouse March 16, 2006
The poor persons iPod
"omg guess what i got a new iPod shuffle"
"well i like totally have a new iPod photo, jeez ipod shuffles are so the poor persons ipod"
by Anna Loves Modest Mouse May 14, 2005
a intimidating look only perfected by some who have the talent, in which the head is slightly on the side and the eyes have a 'im cooler then you' look about them
Person 1: "what is that look that girl is giving me?"
Person 2: "thats anna, stern anna"
by Anna Loves Modest Mouse May 31, 2005
Why is Australia being mentioned with so many New Zealand definitions? because many a farmer in New Zealand are jealous of Australias riches, but if they would only look up.. to Auckland or Wellington, they would see that we are rich too. And for the uknowledgables who think we live in Teepees.. we dont, we actually are home to the tallest tower in the Southern Hempisphere AND here in Auckland we're not treehugging green peace hippies we're just like anyone in a metropolis RUDE AND OBNOXIOUS and proud.. legit.
stay cool NZ, peace out
Stupid unknowledgable farmboy: "haha you're from New Zealand you live in Teepees"
Kiwi(term for a NZer): "actually you stupid unknowledgable, how the fuck would we use the internet if we lived in teepees, get a haircut farmboy"
by anna loves modest mouse August 29, 2005

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