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Seething and/or outbursts of anger caused by wearing uncomfortably tight jeans.
"OMG, I can't even breathe in these jeans. By lunchtime, I'll be lashing out with denim rage."
by Anna LeStache February 11, 2010
A term for blow-drying one's hair used to express impatience by the person (typically a male) waiting for the blow-drying to be completed.
Male #1: "Dude, it's time to go. What are you waiting for?"

Male #2: "We can't leave yet. Maribelle's still in the bathroom slow-drying her hair."
by Anna LeStache February 03, 2010
The first baby born into a group of female friends. The use of the word "beta" implies that the arrival of this child will bring out a variety of friends' personal issues and test the strength of the bonds that hold the group together.
Friend #1: "Angie never has time to go out with us anymore. She was a lot more fun before she became a mom."

Friend #2: "Uh-oh, sounds like someone's resenting the beta baby."
by Anna LeStache April 30, 2011
The mental state of a person who puts him- or herself in danger by refusing to heed evacuation warnings for Hurricane Sandy.
Resident #1: "I don't need to evacuate. These hurricane warnings are a bunch of hype."

Resident #2: "You are in deep Sandynial. Now get your crap and let's go!"
by Anna LeStache October 29, 2012
The phenomenon that occurs in the men's room when the sound of one man urinating causes the other men using the facilities to begin urinating as well.
Tex: "Have you noticed that when several guys are in the men's room, they all start to pee at about the same time? It's like we're all sympottyco, get it?"

Philip: "Dude. What's wrong with you? Guys don't talk about stuff like this."
by Anna LeStache October 06, 2011
The hillbilly equivalent of Viking warrior heaven.
It sure is quiet around here since ol' Lester had that squirrel-hunting accident, but I know he's smiling down on us from Valholler.
by Anna LeStache January 16, 2013
The act of wandering from spot to spot in search of WiFi (or an improved WiFi connection). People in the process of Wi-gration can be seen stalking through coffee shops, malls and other public spaces while staring intently at their electronic devices for evidence of connectivity.
When word got around that the connection seemed to get stronger beyond Gate 32B, there was a mass Wi-gration through the terminal.
by Anna LeStache January 21, 2013

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