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1. Master of unicorns.
2. Boy who makes odd videos.
3. One who is fergalicious.
boy one: Hey did you see that Nuglah video on youtube?
boy two: About unicorns?
boy one: Yeah, he is fergalicious!
by Anita Shower November 15, 2007
Any emo/goth child in the junior high that likes to stand outside the stores in the mall or walk around the mall for hours on end without actually buying anything.

Also known as all the sophmores at Quincy Senior High.

Also known as mall goths.
Devin is such a mall kid!
by Anita Shower November 14, 2007
A girl with a huge heart and small jugs.
"She donated all of the bras that wouldn't fit her to the salavation army. What a brickman!
by Anita Shower November 14, 2007
A term for a boy who loves Cannibal Corpse more than women.
"Oh Carla, don't worry about that durk. You don't like Cannibal Corpse anyway!
by Anita Shower November 14, 2007

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