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The most loathesome creature to ever walk this earth.
One reason being that they're the cause of so many good anime series being severely butchered when dubbed, such as Rockman.EXE (MegaMan NT Warrior) and One Piece.
by Anime Master ZERO July 06, 2005
An individual who steals and eats other people's food, such as from the break room refrigerator at work.
Archer: There's my favorite section head!
Pam: I am dealing with the breakroom problem!
Archer: Oh, good, you caught the, uh, oh wait, I had something good for this... the... "Pita Predator".
Pam: You know what?
Archer: ...Sorry, let's just call it what it is: food rapist.
by Anime Master ZERO November 05, 2013

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